Lead Generation

Lead generation is a broad term for getting your business leads through different modes of traffic.  Whether through social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others or through search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, we have developed a system to capture these leads and funnel them into your business.  When these systems are implemented correctly you can expect an increase in phone calls and emails directly from these leads.

Sources of Lead Generation:

  1. Organic searches - being found in the search engines for key phrases that your customers are searching can bring in hundreds of potential leads every month without having to pay for each lead. You can strategically create a plan of attack that will bring you an impressive ROI
  2. Social media advertising - here at Hook SEO we've developed a system to leverage the traffic within Facebook to funnel them towards the services that your business offers.  Facebook marketing is a great platform to market directly to the demographics your business caters to
  3. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising using the Google, Bing, and Yahoo platforms.  Every day millions of users in your area search through these platforms and we harness this traffic and redirect them to contact your business.
  4. Word of mouth - this is the highest value lead for several reasons but mainly because it implies that you've done great work for previous clients who area now vouging for you and your company.  Word of mouth can spread like a spider web very quickly.
  5. Buy leads - though we don't recommend this strategy, there are platforms for businesses in the home remodeling/contractor niche that sell leads on a shared basis.  These leads are difficult to capitalize on because by the time you've had a discussion with the prospect they will likely have been reached out to by handfuls of other companies fighting for their business.  We NEVER share our leads, they are dedicated leads for our clients and this will never change.

Want to know how your competition is getting so many leads?

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