How To Insert Multiple Rows In Google Sheets (PC & Mac)

how to insert multiple rows in google sheets

When you're using a powerful tool such as Google Sheets, being efficient is extremely important.  Little things like inserting multiple rows in Google Sheets instead of inserting them one at a time, can make you much more efficient.  

Inserting one or two rows probably wouldn't save too much time, but adding 10, 20, or even hundreds of rows manually one at a time would be extremely tedious and frustrating.

Below is a very straightforward and simple way to add multiple rows quickly and easily.

Video Instructions

Inserting a single row into Google Sheets

If you want to insert a single row, simply take the following steps:

Step 1: Highlight the row

Highlight the row by hovering over the row number directly to the left of Column A.  Once there, click on the row.

highlight the row in Google Sheets

Step 2: Right click and insert

Once you've highlighted the row, right click on it.  You now have the option to select either "Insert 1 above" or "Insert 1 below".

You have now successfully inserted 1 row into your Google spreadsheet.

insert 1 row manually into Google Sheets

Inserting multiple rows into Google Sheets

Step 1: Hover over the row

Hover over the row where you'd like to insert another row.  With your mouse, click and drag over the number of rows that you'd like to insert.  In this particular example I want to add 7 rows to the sheet so I clicked on "12" and dragged the cursor down until I reached number "18"

insert multiple rows into sheets

Step 2: Right click and insert rows

Once the rows are highlighted, right click on any of the highlighted rows and select either "insert 7 above" or "insert 7 below" as shown in the image below.

insert rows above or below

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